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Recycle water from bathrooms and laundry and distribute into a storage tank or directly on to the garden.

When water restrictions come into place or droughts dry up your rainwater supply the next best thing we can do is maximise what water we have. Installing a Grey Water Diverter enables you to use water twice, water that has been used through washing machines can be re-used in the garden and in the toilet cistern. Environmentally friendly cleaning products can be purchased from any supermarket and are safe for watering plants.

Distribute water that is normally wasted through showering, hand basins and laundries directly onto your garden or into a storage tank. The Grey Water Diverter is a great way to save water during droughts and maximise rainwater storage. When your storage tank is full simply switch off the diverter

50mm or 90mm three way pipe diverter that fits most common grey 50mm and 90mm discharge pipes

Simple installation - change to left or right hand installation

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