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Rain Water Filter Dual Action 20 Inch


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A whole house rainwater filtration systems designed specifically for large homes on rainwater tanks.

The Rainline Rain Filter is designed specifically for use with rainwater tanks. Pre-filtration devices such as Leaf Eaters and First Flush Diverters are still critical to prevent leaves, debris and other pollutants out of the rainwater tank. Rain Filters should be installed after the pump to provide extra confidence in the quality of your water.

These are plastic housings so we recommend placing them in a shaded area, protected from sunlight.

Rain Filter Dual Action 20"

The Dual Action 20" incorporates a 1 micron sediment filter to pick up solids within the water. It is then finished off by a 5 micron carbon filter to reduce odour, colour and bacteria within the rainwater.
  • Designed for large homes on rainwater tanks
  • High flow rate at 100 litres per minute
  • Complete kit includes 2 x 10" housings, 1 x 5 micron carbon filter, 1 x 1 micron sediment filter, mounting brackets, screws and filter spanner
  • Quality 25mm brass inlet and outlets
  • Backed by Rainline's 24 month guarantee
  • Free freight nation wide

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