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Rain Harvesting Kit


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Are you concerned about the quality of the rainwater in your tank and would like to fix the problem permanently?

A common site on rainwater tanks in NZ is for the downpipe to dump the water directly into the tank. There is very little thought to pre-filtration to prevent leaves, dirt and fecal matters (bird droppings that cause Ecoli) entering the system.

Rather than fixing the problem to late with post filtration, fix the problem where it lies. Install Rain Heads and First Flush Diverters on the downpipes. This is by far the most practical, cost effective solution to fix the problem long term.

Unlike post filtration (UV and Cartridge filters) there are no expensive bulbs to run, no costly filters to replace. Simply rinse out the Rain Head and First Flush Diverter screens once every few months.

Our First Flush Diverter system has been tested and approved by the Roof Water Research Centre in Wellington NZ.

The Rainline Rain Harvesting Package includes the following products

1 x 70 Litre Wall Mounted First Flush Diverter valued at $375.00

2 x Leaf Eater Advanced Rain Heads valued at $109.00ea

1 x Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge $65.00

2 x Mozzie Stoppa overflow screens for insect proofing $8.95ea

Total RRP value is $753.00

This kit is suitable for 80mm, 90mm and 100mm downpipe sizes.

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