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Yaktek Liquidator


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Chemical and Water Tanks alike!

Operating on the same principle as the Levetator, the Liquidator tank level indicator uses an external guide tube. The indicator slides up and down on the outside of the tube and the counterweight is contained inside it. Only the float is in contact with the liquid.

Other Liquids

Sodium silicate, waste oil, waste water, effluent, molasses, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, etc. Liquidator liquid level indicators are often used on fertiliser storage tanks and swimming pool hypo and backwash tanks.

True Reading

Whether water or chemical, the true-reading Liquidator eliminates possibility of confusion by employees. What you see is what you have. Graduations can be marked on or beside the guide tube for accurate measurement.

Exposed Sites

"Captive" on the guide tube, the diecast aluminium indicator isn't bothered by wind or other disturbances.

Industrial Tanks

Ideal for fire protection water storage tanks. Stainless steel wire is available as an optional alternative to polyester cord.

Liquidator tank level indicators are supplied complete except for guide tube. Guide tube can either be 50mm square x 1.6mm thick galv. steel tube or 50NB DWV plastic pipe (56mm outside diam.), both of which are readily available from hardware stores, plumbing suppliers, etc.


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