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Yaktek Level Devil


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True Reading

Easy-to-see indicator matches the water level exactly at all times.

Easy to fit

Suits all tanks up to 1.8m high.

Ideal for household tanks.

How it works

Like other Yaktek water level gauges, it works on the tried and true float/weight/pulley system.

The weighted float and indicator are connected to the counter-weight suspended inside the vertical pipe with stainless steel wires running over pulleys.

Rising water level lifts the float up, the counterweight moves down, and the indicator, sliding on the outside of the pipe, keeps pace with the float.

Vice-versa for falling water level. At all times the indicator matches the liquid level exactly.


Aluminium diecastings, stainless steel axles and fastenings, marine grade Delrin pulleys. Level Devil is built to last.


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