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5Stage Under Bench Water Filter


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Under bench drinking filter, remove 99.99% of bacteria and chemicals. No more boiling your rainwater!

The 5Stage under bench water filtration unit is perfect for homes with a rainwater supply. With 5 levels of filtration ensures your drinking water is free from bacteria, sediment and chemicals that may be in your water tank.

We have had many very pleased customers with this system. Here is just one happy customers comments

"What a pleasure to do business, completed with the purchase of your 5Stage Filter System. What a machine. It's so simple to install and I found it to exceed my expectations in every regard. This beautiful, clean water it produces is just perfect and so soft in the mouth.Well done Rainline. You have a great product worth every cent". Phillip Olson / Palmbeach Bungalows / Waiheke Island

Kit comes complete with filter cartridges, ceramic faucet, housings, hoses, connections needed for a quick and easy installation. Replacement filter kits are available for only $119.00.

Dimensions: 360mm wide x 130mm deep x 390mm tall

The 5stage incorporates Membrane Filtration technology but further incorporates 5 levels of filtration these include the following.

Pre Filter
Cartridge Level 1- To filter out sediments of up to 5 microns. Sediments such as mud, rust and sludge from your raw water supply for further filtration process. The cartridge can be removed for cleaning.

Pre Carbon Filter
Cartridge Level 2- To remove the colour, odour and 99% chlorine & other harmful micro-organisms further to level 1 filtration.

Compressed Activated Carbon
Cartridge Level 3- Further treatment and absorbtion on colour, odour, chemicals, harmful micro organisms in water to improve taste of drinking water.

Membrane Filtration Rated at 0.01 Microns
Cartridge Level 4- Fine filtration that removes 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, harmful micro organisms and other disolved solids in the water.

Cartridge Level 5
To main the purity of filtered water from level 4 and prevent chances of further contamination by any left over substances.


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