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First Flush Diverter Downpipe Commercial


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First Flush Water Diverters improve water quality and reduce tank maintenance by preventing the first flush of water, which may contain roof contaminants (such as sediment, bird droppings, spiders, insects, mosquito eggs and debris), from entering the tank. They help ensure cleaner water is available for use, which protects rainwater pumps and internal appliances. Commercial Downpipe First Flush Water Diverters are installed at the gutter downpipe or via a T-junction to a new or existing 150mm or 225mm downpipe.

Features and Benefits - 150mm Diverter

    * Utilises a dependable ball and seat system

    * Easy installation

    * No mechanical parts

    * Kit all inclusive – just add pipe length and glue

    * Low maintenance requirements

Features and Benefits - 255mm Diverter

    * Utilises a dependable ball and flap system

    * Easy installation

    * Sold as a single unit, but can easily be coupled together to provide chamber size required

    * No mechanical parts

    * Kit all inclusive – just add pipe length and glue

    * Low maintenance requirements – viewing window provided

Installation Instructions - 150mm Diverter

1.  Determine the length of Diverter Chamber #3. Consider as a guide

     that each 1 metre of 150mm pipe holds approx 18.7 litres of water

     Make sure the Screw Cap #9 is at least 150mm from the ground to

     allow for removal and cleaning.

2.  Place the Ball Seat #8 into the Tee Junction #5. Apply glue to the

     Diverter Chamber #3 and fit up against the Ball Seat #8 and hold until

     the glue sets. (Optional: Use a 45° bend adaptor to allow easier

     removal of the Screw Cap #9). Glue the Socket #12 to the bottom end

     of the Diverter Chamber #3.

3.  Fix the assembled chamber directly to the wall in the desired position

     using the Wall Brackets #11.

4.  Connect a Male & Female (M&F) Elbow #7b (if required) to the

     Chamber Outlet #7 and connect the Downpipe #2. Fit an elbow to the

     In-Feed pipe #1 (if required) and connect to the bottom of the

     selected Rain Head.

5.  Place the Sealing Ball #4 into the Diverter Chamber #3 and attach the

     assembled Screw Cap #9 to the Socket #12.


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