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First Flush Delta Technologies


Large volume first flush diversion made easy.

The First Flush Delta range incorporates a revolutionary chamber design that uses 100mm pipe for simple installation and high volume diversion.

1m Delta High Volume chamber = 73 litres of water

Features & Specifics

First Flush Plus Tee – NEW

The specially designed, patented First Flush Plus Tee forces fast-flowing water into the diversion chamber, preventing the problem of dirty water “skipping” over the traditional T-junction gap during heavy rainfall.

Integrated ball and seat – NEW

This unique design ensures that the first flush ball remains close to the seat, even in high flow events, ensuring the diverter seals as soon as the chamber is full. No more lost balls when cleaning your outlet either!

Delta High Volume Chamber – NEW

Easily divert large volumes of first flush with the Delta High Volume Chamber

Using multiple 100mm pipes to create the diversion chamber, the Delta’s revolutionary design makes installation simple

The Delta chamber is customizable to suit your first flush requirements

For larger volumes, consider the Delta manifold installation configurations 

– 1m Delta chamber = 73 litres of diversion

– 2m Delta chamber = 115 litres of diversion

Rapid Release Exit Funnel – NEW

The transparent, Rapid Release Exit Funnel’s larger aperture outlet and funnel shape draws sediment into the exit flow. This results in reduced build up and blockages and it’s transparent exit funnel allows for easy visual inspection

Advanced Release Valve – NEW

By allowing you to program the frequency of your first flush chamber empties, the electronic Advanced Release Valve allows you maximise rainwater yield without compromising quality


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