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NZ Made WIFI Water Monitoring System (TankMate)


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TANKMATE                                             TANKMATE BROCHURE

The Simple way to monitor your water tank level and usage

WIFI systems using you home WIFI router to send data to cloud.

Webb & App Reporting

12 months free Cloud Data Subscription then $19.90 per annum charged through App


KNOW WHAT'S IN THE TANK - without lifting the lid.

With TankMate you can check the real level of your rainwater tank, from anywhere. No more guessing. Now you can know when to fill up, and when to cut back your usage to manage a dry spell.
Once installed, you can use the desktop or mobile app to see all of your key water tank information at a glance:

Current tank volume

How many days your water is likely to last for

Your recent water usage trends

Local rainfall forecast

Customised notifications let you know when it's time to fill up, or when you've used more water than usual.



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