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A Rainbank or Dual Supply system is a system that enables you to use both Tank Water and Mains

Supply Water. The system will firstly use the Water in your Tank and then automatically switch to
mains supply when the tank is empty.

How to setup this system
a. Install a Rain Harvesting System including a Potable Water tank to collect rain water from
your roof
b. Install a Rainbank Control system and Pump into the main water supply
Your Rainbank or Dual Supply system can be setup to supply part or all of your water requirements
a. Garden & Outdoor Use only
b. Garden, Outdoor and Grey Water usage in the house (Toilet & Laundry)
c. Your Total whole house supply including Drinking Water.
(Note : This system must meet to Potable Water Specifications and must include Pre Tank
Filtration, correct tank setup and Post Tank Filtration)

Why Install a Rainbank or Dual Supply System

•  Environmentally friendly:

    -  Saving water

    -  Reduced inflow to stormwater systems

    -  No re-pumping of mains water

    -  Low power consumption in standby

•  No solenoid valves used

•  Provides seamless mains back-up in the event of no rainwater or electrical interruptions, for 
consumer convenience and comfort.

•  Feedback lights to indicate water source and faults.

•  Built-in backflow protection valve (dual check valve) in compliance with the requirements of 
AS/NZS 3500-1-2003 for added safety and assured protection of your mains water supply.

•  Can be mounted on pump or on nearby wall for easier installation and to suit a variety of 
applications. Best mounted near the laundry and away from bedrooms.

•  Simple to install with no adjustment necessary, saving time and money at installation.

•  Yellow LED – fault condition


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